Brynn Catches And Punishes Cheating Girlfriend And Mistress

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Brynn Catches And Punishes Cheating Girlfriend And Mistress

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Brynn is at home with her girlfriend Kaya. They are hugged up on the couch showing affection when Kaya’s phone lights up. It’s a call from Lenore. Brynn catches on that her girl has been cheating behind her back. For her punishment, she makes her take off her shoes and lick her feet! Kaya is very apologetic but knows she must do what she is asked if she wants to stay in a relationship with a good girl. She gets down on her knees and licks up and down Brynn’s soles when Lenore walks in. Oh look who it is exclaims Brynn. Since they shared each other, they can now share licking her feet! She makes them share one foot instead of having their own and even makes and watches them makeout! The girls are so helpless but still do what they are told. She tells Kaya to leave for a while so she and Lenore can spend some time together. Kaya leaves and Brynn takes full control. She grabs up Lenore’s hair and forces her down hard on her long toe foot and makes her lick her own saliva off! When Kaya returns, they continue licking and making out. In the end, Brynn tells both girls to leave because she has a lot of thinking to do about her relationship and even if she still wants to be in one because she feels so betrayed.

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