Sole Revenge by Girlfriend

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 914/kb
Sole Revenge by Girlfriend

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I’m not happy about the way our relationship ended so I’ve snuck into your apartment while you are asleep and tied you up. When you wake I am sitting on your chest with my soles in your face. You left me for some slut and now I’m going to torture you! I’m here to take my revenge on you because I found out that your hidden foot fetish can be made irreversible if you cum to feet. I start to jerk you off under the blanket while I tell you how you’ll be useless to your current girlfriend once I’m done with you. You really screwed up by leaving me and I’m going to make you pay. My soft wrinkled soles torture you until I force you to cum. You could have had it all with me, instead now you’re going to be a disgusting foot pervert for the rest of your life.

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