Rehabilitation !

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Rehabilitation !

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The scene would be you coming home to find your boyfriend laying on the couch in the fetal position holding his nuts because his ex-girlfriend kicked them. He would be laying there in a lot of pain so you decide to make him feel better and nurse his testicles back to health. You pull down his pants and examine his testicles while rubbing and massaging them with your hands. Talk about how they feel like they have shrunk a little bit. Continue to massage them and talk about how delicate they are and go through the different techniques you use to rub and massage his testicles. Next use your barefoot and toes to do the same thing and tell him you’re very experienced in this since you have kicked boyfriends on accident while play fighting and had to make their nuts feel better afterwards. Also, threaten him a little bit by telling him if he gets out of line you could kick his balls really easy since he is very vulnerable during a footjob. Last, finish him off with a footjob and make him cum just to ensure that his testicles still work.

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