Lenore Has Been Waiting For The New Models Feet

Clip Time: 20 Minutes Clip Size: 319/kb
Lenore Has Been Waiting For The New Models Feet

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The newest edition to the toejac website, Kat, is found tied up with her legs stretched out in front of her. She screams out for her boss but gets no reply. In walks Lenore, a veteran model, at toejac. She is the one behind this nightmare. She makes her way over to Kat and tapes her mouth shut. Kat is helpless and can only moan loudly for help. Lenore assures her that nobody can hear her or even cares. As she begins to remove her white smelly sneakers, she confesses to Kat that ever since she has seen her beautiful feet, it has been love at first sight, and she has been waiting to get a hold of them ever since. Now that she has her all to herself, she can do anything she wants. As she pulls off her sweaty sneakers, she sticks her nose as far in as she can and takes long hard whiffs off them. To her, the stench is intoxicating and overwhelming. She goes on to sniffing her beautiful bare soles. They are so sweaty and stinky, she can’t wait to taste them. She sticks out her warm wet tongue and slides it up and down her wrinkly soles. She loves to slide her tongue in between all her plump toes and bob on her big toes like a big cock. While Kat continues to moan and groan, Lenore informs her that if their boss does happen to show up, she better act like she wanted this whole scenario too. If she doesn’t, she will keep her tied up for the rest of the day. She goes back to licking, leaving poor Kat helpless and pathetic, moaning for help knowing none will come.

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