Jill fills in for Shaylees boyfriend

Clip Time: 21 Minutes Clip Size: 478/kb
Jill fills in for Shaylees boyfriend

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Shaylee’s at home by herself bored out of her mind because her boyfriend just left town for work. Her friend Jill stops by to hang out, as they small talk Jill ask her how he could leave her nice big feet all alone like that. Then she tells her she can fill in for him while he’s gone, Shaylee cant believe what she’s hearing but is not going to pass up the opportunity. Jill takes Shaylee’s hot long soles and presses them to her face and takes a big whiff before sticking her long wet tongue out and begins licking up and down her bare feet. Shaylee loves the way she’s making her feet feel and tells her she needs to come over every time he’s out of town! She movies in different positions so Jill can get every inch of her wrinkled soles and sexy long toes. Both girls are enjoying their self’s and Shaylee tells her thanks so much as Jill finishes her off.

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