Hali and Chloe watch Gordon get his ass beat

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Hali and Chloe watch Gordon get his ass beat

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Chloe and Hali are laying out in their bathing suits, under the new sunlamps their sorority got talking about guys and going to party’s. After a bit they decide to go work out and as they get their things Chloe spots a guy who she has a crush on, she tells Hali to look how cute he is and Hali is disgusted. Chloe tells her he seems really nice so Hali tells her to use him as practice and go talk to him. She goes over and tells him she’s seen him in her class before and that he should call her sometime, she grabs his phone and puts her number in then goes back over to her friend. Hali tells her that there’s another guy checking her out and when Chloe sees who it is she tells Hali he is a complete dick and she wants nothing to do with him. Hali then gives Chloe an idea, she goes back over to her crush "Gordon" and ask him if he would tell the other guy he’s her boyfriend so he won’t bother her, Gordon agrees and Chloe gives him a kiss to think him. At that point the other guy is talking to Hali and sees her kiss him and gets jealous and him and Hali walk over to confront them. The guys tries to fight Gordon and Chloe tries her best to keep the piece but it’s no use so she backs up and they begin to fight. The guy gets Gordon in a headlock at Chloe’s feet and is beating the shit out of him. Chloe ruts for Gordon even though he’s losing and Hali aggs on the other guy to keep beating his ass. After a while Chloe bends down and tells him he can give up and that she still likes him and gives him another kiss, so he gives up and when when he gets up the guy hits him again. Chloe tells him that’s not fair and Hali just sits back laughs. Finally the other guy tells him to kiss Chloe’s feet and he’ll let him go, Chloe doesn’t want him to but tells him it’s the only way to get free. He begins kissing and the guy gets up then Hali tells her she feels left out and she wants hers kissed too so Chloe moves over and lets her have a go. Hali really likes it so she makes him lick and suck her feet, Chloe doesn’t care anymore because Gordon’s a pussy and she cant be with a pussy and as Hali makes him suck her toes Chloe bends down and tells him he really blow it with her because she really liked him. Then they both make him lick on every single one of their toes.

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