Robot HoseDown

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 167/kb
Robot HoseDown

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The year is 2763. The world is run by the two superpowers. India & China. Susan Smith is a cadet in the Indian Space Corp. Not exactly a volunteer as you will find out. Shes effectively a slave with no rights. Today she has been selected for Endurance Training. Essentially a live sex show for the rest of the crew. She has to strip naked and get hosed down by two droids. Hosed down with CUM. Gallons of it. Its a sight you wont have seen before. Next she gets pussy slapped by one of the droids, then she has to twerk for her audience. Next she’s tit fucked with a huge cum facial. You might think she’s done. Not a chance. She gets a robot cock in her ass, then in her pussy. Then the big finish. She’s given the hardest tit slapping session you’ll ever witness. Great voice over on this one, I found this strict Indian woman’s voice that works a treat.

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