Hayden’s Dirty Demo

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Hayden's Dirty Demo

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Meet Hayden a 21 year old girl that has bad shopping habits and is shy yet very horny. I have been working on Hayden for 2 years to come let me fuck that 100 pound body and finally she gave in. I start her off with gaging her with my cock cause every hot girl gags right. Then I bend her over and fuck her lil wet pussy till i decide to put her on the desk.She is not meant for desk lol to little and boney but i make it work and make her cum everywhere with a finger in her ass. I finish her with a nice creampie and make her push it out and lick it to tell me if it taste bad and she said it taste like cum. This girl was a a hot lil box to fuck but i think ill have some more of her around where i get her to open up that wild side and a facial’s soon to be on the list.

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